I have formally studied five disciplines—public policy analysis, communications, English, history, and religious studies— which does not include some of the fields in which I have published: quilitng, learning styles, substance abuse, gay/lesbian studies, and education.

Current Research Interests


I enjoy compiling the Liberacki-Wilcox-Berg genealogy not just because I like to learn about my family history. The work is especially fulfulling because I am not content to simply know bare bone facts about my pedigree, but I study the socio-historic context in which my ancestors lived. This research is often incorporated into my classes because I am able to provide stories of real people—not just family members—to illustrate points.


I have a keen interest in the history of photography; especially images which were photographed prior to 1923. As I learn about images, I also study the socio-historic context in which they were taken. I have had an interest in photography for years and part of the artwork I do is photographic.

Contemporary Education

I stay current about issues facing contempory education as well as best practices for teaching. I blog about these issues in Etena Sacca-vajjena and other venues.

Past Research Interests

Substance Abuse

I wrote my dissertaion on AA, Spiritual Issues, and the Treatment of Lesbian and Gay Alcoholics (1989). In my dissertation, I traced the competing trends of individualism and perfectionism in American thought from the colonial period to 1935 and argued that Alcoholics Anonymous was successful, in part, because it was able to combine these two trends. I then discussed the issue of God-talk in AA using gay men and lesbians as a model.

As part of my research in substance abuse, I edited a collection of essays on Alcoholism and Pastorial Ministry. I also wrote annotated bibliographies on gay/lesbian alcoholics, Jewish alcoholics, and spirituality and addiction.


I have an interest in crazy quilts which I have made and collect. I wrote A Guide to Michigan Quilt Collections before such information could be easily found on the Internet. I also wrote a column for RFD.

Dr. Berg and his brother in their bunk beds.  Dr. Berg is reading and his brother is playing a the accordian.

My research interests began early. On 12 January 1966 which was just five days before my eighth birthday, I was already doing research. My brother Christopher Thomas Berg was a talented muscian who was playing accordian. This photograph was taken on his seventh birthday.